Abbot, Inc.
Phaco Handpiece System – IFUs
Medical Devices
  Allergan Pharmaceuticals
SPC, PIL, Labels
Intravitreal Implant
Bard Peripheral Vascular
Biopsy Instrument
Medical Devices
  Biogen Idec
Informed Consent Forms
Self-diagnosting medical devices – IFUs and Packaging
Medical Devices – IVD
  Biomet U.K.
Acetabular Prostheses
Medical Device – Orthopaedics
Biomet, Inc.
Hip Stem – IFU, Coaxial Applicator System – IFU, Knotless Anchors – IFU, PEEK Anchors – IFU
Medical Devices – Orthopaedics
  Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Medicine
Useful information about various diseases – presentation
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